Siswa Bazar Maharajganj

About Siswa Bazar

Siswa Bazar in Devanagari is a small Indian town towards the east of the province of Uttar Pradesh in northern India, near the border with Nepal. The name of the town came from the market of Shessham trees which came from the rivers in Nepal. Hence, its original name was “Shesshamwa ke bazar”, but over the years, it became known as Siswa Bazar. Siswa Bazar is located in District Maharajganj. Siswa Bazar have Railway Station (Station Code: SBZ) and mainly direct linked with Gorakhpur, Muzafarpur (Bihar), Delhi, Lucknow, Agra, Varansi and other cities. Located with 55 KM Distance from City Gorakhpur (Uttar Pradesh).

Maharajganj district (Hindi: महाराजगंज जिला) is one of the 75 districts of Uttar Pradesh state in northern India, and the town ofMaharajganj is the district headquarters. Famous places in Maharajganj are Mogalaha Sharif, Dargah Hare Bhare Shah Baba. Maharajganj district is bounded by Nepal in the north, the districts of Kushinagar in the east, Gorakhpur to the south andSiddharthnagar and Sant Kabir Nagar in the west. It is part of Gorakhpur Division. The district covers an area of 2,951 km². It has a population of 2,173,878 (2001 Census).

Maharajganj district comprises 4 tehsils:

  • Maharajganj Sadar; 4 community development blocks: Maharajganj, Ghughali, Paniara and Partawal.
  • Nautanwa; comprising 2 community development blocks: Ratanpur and Laxmipur.
  • Nichlaul; 3 community development blocks: Nichlaul, Mithaura and Siswa.
  • Pharenda; 3 community development blocks: Bridgmanganj, Dhani and Pheranda.

There are 1258 villages in the district and 14 police stations.

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